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8th October, 2015

Many thanks for your excellent service - the parcel arrived very quickly (despite my initial postcode error). I've used Consumabulbs in the past, and will definitely be using them again in the future Thanks again. J.L. Bristol

1st August, 2015

First class, delivered within 24 hours. Excellent work – still waiting for delivery of goods ordered at same time from other companies! M.M. Glasgow

16th July, 2015

Thank you Consumerbulbs, I ordered my items (French breathtest kits & headlamp converters)on a Sunday evening and they arrived on the first post on Tuesday morning. I havn't fitted the lamp converters yet or needed the breatherlisers so am unable to pass comment on them but I am sure that they will be more than acceptable. Thanks.again, L.M. Northamptonshire

Upgrade Headlight Bulbs

Best Upgrade Car Headlight Bulbs For Brighter Light


NEW IN!!!!

Osram Night Breaker Unlimited

Released this month (October 2013), this new Unlimited version from Osram provides up to 110% more light on the road

Prices from £27.95
Sold as a pair
Up to 110% more light
Available in H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, HB3 & HB4


Osram NightBreaker Plus | Philips X-treme Vision | Ring Xenon Ultima

Want the best and brightest car headlamps?

Are you after a xenon look / effect?

We have put together a list of the three best road legal xenon look / upgrade car headlight bulbs that we stock at Consumabulbs. 

Night Breaker Plus

Osram Night Breaker Plus

X-Treme Vision

Philips X-Treme Vision Bulbs

Xenon Ultima

Ring Xenon Ultima Bulbs

  • Prices from £21.95 
  • Sold as a pair
  • Up to 90% more light
  • Up to 10% whiter
  • Available in H7, H1, H4, HB3, HB4, H3 & H11


  • Prices from £30.95
  • Sold as a pair
  • Up to 100% more light
  • Available in H7, H4 & H1


  • Prices from £26.95
  • Sold as a pair
  • Up to 120% more light.
  • Available in H7, H4, H1, HB3, HB4 & H11

Order Osram Night Breaker PLUS Here »

The ideal lamp for drivers who want to drive with more light for greater safety.
Thanks to a newly-developed high output coil and the blue ring coating, the headlight lamps of the Osram Night Breaker product family.

Now with new technology for longer lifetime.

The lengthened light cone illuminates dangers and obstacles significantly earlier – for additional reaction time that can save lives!
The whiter light of NIGHT BREAKER also improves driving comfort by reducing dangerous eyestrain.
In addition, the patented blue ring coating leads to less glare for the driver: the clearly focused light beam concentrates the light exactly where you need it.
NIGHT BREAKER’s unique design improves the looks of your headlights.  The typical silver cap (H4, H7, H11) and the blue ring coating make a striking impression.

Of course the NIGHT BREAKER family of lamps can be easily exchanged for any corresponding halogen lamps and are 100% street legal across all of Europe.

The strong luminance and the light color are the crucial differences to standard lamps.

Buy Osram Night Breaker PLUS Now »

Order Philips X-treme Vision Here »

Are you looking for a headlight bulb that will give you maximum light output on the road, with the reassurance of using a product that is made to the same quality that your vehicle manufacturer insists on? Look no further...

Philips present their latest innovation building on the success of their other award winning headlight bulbs.

Philips Xtreme Vision delivers 100% more light on the road than a standard bulb and maximum brightness.

This performance gain is achieved through a new unique filament design, optimised geometry, a quartz burner and high pressure gas filling to deliver maximum light output and longer life expectancy. Plus, it's fully road legal within the EU, generates no extra heat and is safe to use with plastic lenses.

The end result is safer, more comfortable night time driving with the ability to be able to see more on the road than ever before. Plus, all of these benefits are backed up by the reassurance and quality of a top level European manufacturer.

Buy Philips X-treme Vision Now »

Order Ring Xenon Ultima Here »

The new Ring Automotive Xenon halogen headlamp bulb is a WORLD FIRST creating up to 120% MORE LIGHT on the road, producing 100% Xenon gas and advanced filament technology to allow exceptional night driving performance.

The new bulb design has a longer beam pattern to enable other road users to be seen more clearly which then allows more time to react to potential hazards, improved brightness and better reflections from road markings and signs help to create a more comfortable and safer road experience when travelling at night.

Street legal and requiring no changes to vehicle wiring, the Xenon Ultima is a simple upgrade form standard bulbs.

Buy Ring Xenon Ultima Now »

Not sure which car bulb size you need? Phone us now on 01793 820527 for assistance or look at our 'Choose Bulbs By Car Type' resource


If you are would like the extra light but at a cheaper price, then maybe our unbranded upgrade bulbs may be of interest from £12.95 for a pair.


Please find below diagrams of the most common headlight bulbs to help you find the right bulb for your vehicle.

H1 bulb diagram H4 bulb diagram H7 bulb diagram H3 bulb diagram HB5 bulb diagram HB4 bulb diagram H11 bulb diagram
H1 H4 H7 H3 HB3 HB4 H11

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